Ministry Objectives

It is hard to believe that over a decade ago I, Eddie, spent an incredible year of my life with the church family of Roca Viva. I was fresh out of college and they welcomed me with open arms. They taught me Spanish, Costa Rican culture, and they showed me how the church is the family of God. Now, I have been back for two years serving as a pastor and my family has gotten to live in beautiful Costa Rica, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

We are coming alongside the Roca Viva Church and their pastors to work towards three primary objectives. The overall goal is to be a boost of energy in these areas, get them established with creative methods, and then hand off to Latin American leaders. That is why this is a five-year commitment. Our prayer is that after five years we will be able to transition out and the Roca Viva leadership will be able to carry on without us!

Here are the three primary ministry objectives.

First is the creation of a ministry and training system to facilitate leadership development.

We are helping to create a training system that is both specific to the cultural contexts and sustainable so that it continues years after our presence is no longer necessary.

The second objective is local church multiplication.

Churches plant churches and Roca Viva desires to plant churches in the surrounding area of the Orosi Valley, as well as send out missionaries to other countries. We are working with the entire Servant Leaders team to create a clear vision and plan that Roca Viva can execute.

The third is to facilitate a frontline ministry apprenticeship program.

Roca Viva has become a site where young adults go to receive ministry training and mentoring that is focused on frontline missions opportunities. As Roca Viva develops into a church-planting church this is strengthen not only Roca Viva, but also the entire network of Servant Leaders’ churches in Latin America!

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Can you spot Eddie? He is on the far left. This is from a Roca Viva picnic in 2010.