There are two main ways we need your support, prayer and financial. Here is how you can lend a hand in the work God has brought us to.

Prayer Support

We need your prayers if we are to pursue these ambitious objectives and goals. Please consider signing up for our newsletter and praying for us regularly. Did you know that Coffee and Bananas are the largest exports for Costa Rica? So maybe when you enjoy either of those it can be a little reminder to pray for God’s work in Costa Rica. 

Financial Support

In order to see this work realized we need your financial assistance. Your support not only sustains our family, but also supports Latin American’s as they train and go out to plant even more churches. Please consider a one-time or a monthly reoccurring gift. Becuase we are making a 5-year commitment, one time gifts are just as beneficial.

Click the button below to go to our giving pages to set up your support. Once on the giving page, you can scroll lower on the page to find several ways to send your financial support. It is worth noting that setting up “Bill Pay” with your bank is the best option for no transaction fees.